Keep People Customer Focused With the Help of PizzaBot™

Let PizzaBot™ accurately dispense your most expensive and labor-intensive toppings while your employees are freed up to keep operations moving forward at maximum speed.

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Labor Efficient

Eliminate Ingredient Waste

Consistent Quality, Every Time

Tech Specs

Power Requirements

208 Volt

3 Phase with Neutral

30 Amp

Ingredient Requirements

Cheese: Shredded or Diced

Sauce: Tomato-based or pizza sauces and similar

Pepperoni: Stick (not sliced)

Maximum Capacity of Sauce

3 Gallons

Maximum Capacity

of Cheese

Designed to accommodate 20 lbs of typical shredded cheese at a time

Maximum Capacity of Pepperoni

3 ft long x 1.75″ Diameter Stick

3 ft long x 1.75″ Diameter Stick

*Can be tailored to larger diameters

Pizza Sizes

12″ up to 18″ pizzas